I lied…

I didn’t even make it two days… I didn’t listen to my own advice. “Aim low so your half-assed-effort is over-achieving.”

I’ve never said that… Are you kidding me? I would say that goes against the very grain of my being.

Here’s the thing. I STRIVE to go further and to accomplish more. If I don’t do it, I am okay with it. Maybe I just like to make excuses, but most of the time, there are valid reasons.

Why didn’t I write over my long, restful weekend? Because it was far from long and restful.

More like short, sweaty, and messy.

This morning I slept 40 minutes passed my alarm. Who still made it to work on time, plus breakfast? That’s right, this girl.

But, the fact that I was still so exhausted that I slept through John Mayer singing to me is, well normal… But I haven’t done that in a while…

So what did I do this weekend?

Well I’m practically a homeowner without actually owning the home. But, I’ve done enough work on one to feel proud!

Wallpaper. Avoid it all costs. Seriously, promise me that!

You don’t want to hear about wallpaper. Just know that you should avoid it. If you are looking to grow as a person in the patience department, tackle a room with wallpaper. We have another bathroom, so just let me know and you’re more than welcome to practice on it.

So that was great… Now Sunday, it wasn’t too bad. I actually learned a lot.

I’m proud to say I could, with a manual handy, install a ceiling fan. Neat, right?

It’s crazy how such a small thing can make such a big difference to a room.

That was my weekend. Hard work.

 If you’re looking for a workout for great shoulders, grab a fan. Try holding up a fan above your head for a while. The burn, the burn…

Well, those are my excuses. How do they hold up?

Pat on the back? Cookie?

Didn’t think so…

I’ll try harder! I promise (crossing toes).


Ensure, Insure, Assure

Oh! Hey, one-month-on-the-job-anniversary. I was not intending for this post to be of the celebratory kind, but why the heck not?! WHOOP!

Thank God for a job. Thank God for a car to get me to a job. Thank God for a home that I can rest and rejuvenate for the next day. Thank God for my roommates (niece, sister-in-law and brother).  Thank God…

I’m really still stunned that it has only been a month. I’ll have to celebrate tonight or this weekend.

Moving on, my initial thought for logging in to good ole WP, was to just share a few things that I’ve learned so far on the job.

I’ve since forgotten them, but I will be coming back here when I have those random moments of insight!

In the meantime… I’m enjoying the job and really believe what I am doing is helpful! What more could you want? While I get to learn new skills (like selling) I am partaking in the marketing/social media side that I so desired.

I see the good that comes from where I am at and I am pleased.

Also, I am a fun person to talk to on the phone. When people say they dread speaking to insurance people, I’m appalled. No, I’m really not. I don’t expect people to be overly enthralled by it all, but I at least like to think I’m a little more personable, which should make the experience less daunting… right?

We (I) am Farmers. *insert jingle that I can’t spell out*




Going On a Nature Walk!

The Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications department at Texas A&M University is offering a May intersession in Nature Photography. Students have the opportunity to travel Texas and expand their photography skills.

“This course will offer an intense photography experience. Thousands of images will be captured in a short time period,” said Tobin Redwine, one of the instructors of the photography class.

Students will have the chance to photograph Carlsbad Caverns, Marfa Light, and much more! While this is a great opportunity for photographers, no matter where you are, shooting outdoors can yield awesome photos if you use some creativity.

April and Birds

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, the state of Texas is home to 630 bird species. Interestingly enough, this is more than any other state! What bird will you spot next? Find out more about the variety of Texas parks here!

Mud Bathing Elephants

Elephants and mud. An unlikely combination? Not quite. Mud acts as protector for their sensitive skin. It must feel great to them because they enjoy the mud so much that they are likely to grow rowdy.

Doesn’t that sound like a sight? While elephants taking mud baths might be fun to watch, a wet ground was a concern for Elephant Walk and Junior E-Walk directors Gabe Marenco and Megan Moore. There was even talk of possibly rescheduling the entire event to a later date because of the weather.

“We are just going to have the important stuff: live elephants, the walk around campus and the presentation,” said Moore.

The event went just as she re-planned.

Class Councils hosted the 85th year of the Elephant Walk tradition. It began from the idea that seniors were no longer able to contribute to the student body, such as election time on campus. They became useless in that aspect. “As the seniors are dying off, the junior class will have seniority allowing them to do the senior wildcat, ‘whooping’ up,” said Marenco.

The event began at the Association of Former Students with free food, music and shirt sales. Students were also able to take pictures with the elephants.

Traditionally, the senior class gathered at one spot so that they could walk the path The class of 2012 gathered at the 12th man statue. The group led by a senior yell leader stopped traditionally significant spots that are to the Aggie family.

Elephants were included in the event because right before they die, the elephants return to places from their past. Similar to elephants, seniors visited spots around campus that had significance to their time spent at A&M.

Junior E-Walk is significant for the junior’s because they too visit places special to them.

“I had a lot of fun going back to our old spots on campus and doing yells with my class and my closest friends’,” said Junior Kristi Case.

Junior E-Walk has been celebrated for 19 years. In 1978 juniors began sabotaging the seniors walk around campus shooting them with water guns to make them die faster.

With growing frustration, the senior class of 1988 began the “Keep it Clean” campaign. They wanted to bring back the solemn feel to the tradition. The 1992 administration decided to give juniors their own walk to distract them.

In 1998 the popularity of the tradition had grown so much that the campaign was no longer needed.

After their individual walks the classes joined for the presentation held in Rudder Auditorium.

An acoustic performance by an up and coming country artist Kimberly Dunn entertained the crowd before the main speaker, university president R. Bowen Loftin began his speech.

During the presentation, the senior class gift was also presented. The current renovation to the Memorial Student Center will now include an intricate Aggie-themed wood carving. It was purchased with the money from the class’ shirt sales during past years.

“Even though I did not attend A&M, after experiencing the event for myself I can see why students’ decide to put so much time and effort into the preservation of these traditions,” said Debra Gonzales, a parent of a Junior Class Councils member.