Ensure, Insure, Assure

Oh! Hey, one-month-on-the-job-anniversary. I was not intending for this post to be of the celebratory kind, but why the heck not?! WHOOP!

Thank God for a job. Thank God for a car to get me to a job. Thank God for a home that I can rest and rejuvenate for the next day. Thank God for my roommates (niece, sister-in-law and brother).  Thank God…

I’m really still stunned that it has only been a month. I’ll have to celebrate tonight or this weekend.

Moving on, my initial thought for logging in to good ole WP, was to just share a few things that I’ve learned so far on the job.

I’ve since forgotten them, but I will be coming back here when I have those random moments of insight!

In the meantime… I’m enjoying the job and really believe what I am doing is helpful! What more could you want? While I get to learn new skills (like selling) I am partaking in the marketing/social media side that I so desired.

I see the good that comes from where I am at and I am pleased.

Also, I am a fun person to talk to on the phone. When people say they dread speaking to insurance people, I’m appalled. No, I’m really not. I don’t expect people to be overly enthralled by it all, but I at least like to think I’m a little more personable, which should make the experience less daunting… right?

We (I) am Farmers. *insert jingle that I can’t spell out*